Become a Guest Author For Stadri Emblems

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest author for Stadri Emblems. We’re excited to have you. Although we are currently accepting guest blog posts, we are primarily seeking content for our product gallery pages. Therefore, let’s get all the technical mumbo-jumbo out of the way and describe the requirements for both.


Blog Post Requirements


Topics and Content

All posts must relate to custom promotional products and/or the individuals or organizations that use them. An example of an acceptable post would be, “How custom patches elevate soccer team recognition.” An example on an undesired post would be, “Strategies For a Successful Soccer Game,” since it is not related to patches or promotional products. All posts should include at least one image that is royalty-free and/or you have the rights to.

Quality, Originality, and Backlinks

Posts must be at least four hundred words of quality, original content that adds value for our readers. We will check for originality via Copyscape before posting, and sporadically after posting. We will remove any content we find has been published elsewhere after the fact. You are allowed a link back to your site with your desired anchor text preferably in the article body, rather than an author bio. Informative backlinks unrelated to your site, such as Wikipedia, are permitted. For every additional 250 words above 400, you are allowed an additional backlink to a page of your choice (at our discretion). Keep in mind this should be quality content; do not simply try to inflate word count without giving attention to value.


Posts should be completed upon submission and require little to no editing. We reserve the right to edit your posts for grammar and spelling or to reject a post because of its content or outbound links.


Product Gallery Copy Requirements

Here at Stadri, we supply custom patches to dozens of different types of clients. Each client type has a separate page, displaying patches we have supplied to them. This is where you come in. If we were to write copy for each of these client types, it would take us forever! Plus, you may be an expert in one of these fields. Take scooter patches, for instance. Wouldn’t someone who is an avid scooter owner and rider provide better insight into the lifestyle and how custom patches benefit him or her? We think so.

So, here’s what we’re looking for. For gallery pages, we need a minimum of 250 words about the topic and how custom patches tie in. You can view an example of this on our paintball patches page.

Wow, only 250 words? This is easy! Well, here’s the catch: the backlink you provide must be related to what you are writing about. For example, if you look at the Paintball page again, you will see a link in the left margin that takes you to a page offering Paintball goggles.

Depending on your link and the context, we may use it in the body of the copy or in the left margin of the page, as can be seen in the Paintball example. This will be our choice.

All of the requirements for writing on our blog regarding originality, quality, and grammar still apply here. However, you are not required to provide an image.

Below are the categories we need information about. You can also browse our patch gallery to get ideas.


Martial Arts
Hunting and Fishing
Hockey Motor Sports
Archery and Fencing
Shooting Sports
Winter Sports
Water Sports Wrestling and Boxing
Team Logos
Sportsman’s Clubs and Associations
Awards and Championships

Business and Organizations

Fortune 500 Companies
Apparel/Clothing Companies
Arts and Entertainment
Construction, Contractors/Technicians
Food Services
Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Refrigeration
Home Services (real estate, cleaning, inspection, ect)
Hotels, Resorts and Spas
Landscaping and Surveying
Company Logo Patches
Moving, Towing, Trucking, and Storage
Pest Control
Financial, Business, and Technology


Air Force
Marines Patches
Coast Guard
Defense/Homeland Security
Joint Task Force
Search & Rescue/ Response/Medical
Veteran / Memorial
Academy & Training


Fire Department
Fire Rescue
EMS/EMT/First Responder
Fire Training
Fire Prevention, Protection and Safety


Police Badge Patches
City and Town Police
County Police
Protective Services
Traffic and Patrol
Campus and Park Security
Specialty Police


Boy Scouts
Medical and Dental
Patches For Clubs
Nature and Camp
NASA, NATO, and Government
September 11th
Name & Text Patches
In Memory Patches

And that’s it! All we need now is for you to fill out the form below and include the word “lobster” in the comments field so we know you’ve read everything.

Happy blogging!

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