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Zombies Gain Traction In Pop Culture and in Custom Patches

Since 2010, the village of Saugerties, NY has been experiencing an annual zombie takeover of epic proportions. It’s the largest zombie event of its kind in the Northeastern United States, and it takes place less than ten miles from the … Continue reading

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Handpicked: Kelli’s Kuddlers Woven Labels

Little is more refreshing than when someone in less-than-favorable or even dire circumstances turns his or her attention toward helping others who are worse off. This is the premise of an organization called Kelli’s Kuddlers. Kelli’s Kuddlers provides handmade fleece … Continue reading

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The Stadri Art Department’s Favorite Patches From 2013

2013 was a great year for patches! OK, we say that every year; we’re passionate about patches. But this year is different because we’re not going to keep all our great patch designs to ourselves. Join us as each member … Continue reading

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Hand-Picked: Mad Hatter Embroidered Patch & Lapel Pin

This edition of hand-picked was chosen by Jon from our art department. Jon chose the patch and pin set for Shamanic Harmonics, which he had the pleasure of working on. These are known around our office as the “Mad Hatter … Continue reading

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Hand-Picked: Viper Paintball Patch

The game of Paintball, since it’s creation in the 1920s, has evolved drastically. Some of this evolution is due to the many passionate fans around the world who want to play this exciting game as their part time hobby. Credit … Continue reading

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Hand Picked—Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of America

As the warrior Buffalo Soldier cries out: “We Can – We Will – Ready and Forward Ho!” “The Arizona Chapter of the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Riders is a diverse group of Sophisticated Educators, Businessmen, Retired and Former Military Personnel.” Their … Continue reading

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Hand-picked: dStrands Woven Label and Hang Tag

When it comes to colors, I’m a mush for matte black. Gloss certainly has its place but to me a matte finish is the dog’s tuxedo. A matte finish isn’t just color, its a texture that adds physical feel to … Continue reading

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Hand-picked: Squaw Woven Patch

Woven patches like this produce more detail than an embroidered patch, as the threads are woven together on a loom instead of stitched onto twill or other substrate. Continue reading

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Hand-picked: Derbylove and Purple Cow Woven Labels

Who doesn’t like a good skull heart design? The folks over at Derbylove write a comic and produce roller derby inspired products using a cool hear skull logo: Derbylove used a thicker denier on their woven label than the purple … Continue reading

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Hand-picked: The Wonder Pot Printed Labels

The design looks off-center, but the space to the left is referenced with a small line enabling proper space for the printed label to be sewn into a seam. Once sewn, the visible portion of the label will be perfectly spaced. Continue reading

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