Zombies Gain Traction In Pop Culture and in Custom Patches

2010 saugerties zombie invastion patchSince 2010, the village of Saugerties, NY has been experiencing an annual zombie takeover of epic proportions. It’s the largest zombie event of its kind in the Northeastern United States, and it takes place less than ten miles from the Stadri Emblems headquarters.

What exactly is a zombie takeover?

This particular takeover in Saugerties, NY is a village invasion that has been described as part horror film reenactment and part pub crawl, where zombie enthusiasts come from far and wide and mob the streets, dressing in their most convincing zombie makeup and attire, to sample local shops, take in awesome music, and scare each other senseless. Local businesses stay open all night to join in the fun and to offer specials to the passersby.

Zombies Gain Traction In Pop Culture

Just within the past handful of years, zombies have infiltrated pop culture as never before.

Just from observing trends in custom patch themes, Stadri Emblems has duly noted this steady ascension in the popularity of zombies. Our first-ever set of zombie-themed patches was ordered in 2008, and it was the only one that year. That number has more than doubled each subsequent year, with 2014 seeing a thousand-fold increase.

We thought we’d share some of these patches with you.

Stadri's first zombie patch
Zombie Defense Force
This was our very first zombie patch,
done in 2008.
Zombie cage fighter patch
Zombie Cage Fighter
This conjures up quite a mental-picture,
doesn’t it?
Stadri's first zombie patch
Spring Camporee Survival
Is this just me, or is camping with zombies something best avoided? Since the patch says they survived, we’ll assume all’s well.
Zombie cage fighter patch
Verified Successful Zombie Hunter
Hunting zombies seems to be a common theme lately. Good thing they’re verified as successful. The fewer zombies roaming the streets, the better.
Stadri's first zombie patch
Zombie Attack
Lets hope no one from this Boy Scout Troop actually got attacked by zombies.
Zombie cage fighter patch
It looks like the Boy Scouts created a new event called the Zombie-Ree. I wonder what goes on there . . .
Stadri's first zombie patch
Zombie Apocalypse
Did the zombie apocalypse come in January of 2013? We must have missed it.
Zombie cage fighter patch
Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

How would someone go about preparing for such a thing? Would we survive?
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Heavy Metal Band Creates the First-Ever Embroidered Music Video

Have you ever heard of the UK heavy metal trio called Throne? We hadn’t, but we will now forever remember them for something truly epic. For their latest song “Tharsis Sleeps,” they came up with an idea for the music video that will shock even hardcore fans: the first-ever, frame-by-frame, fully-embroidered music video.

The band’s singer, Nicos Livesey, an animator himself, had a two-fold inspiration for this video. Seeing an embroidery machine in action at a boat show at the age of 12 left him fascinated with the process of embroidery ever since. More than that, like many metal bands, he would often observe armies of fans covered in the band’s patches. Once these two factors converged in his mind, the idea was born.“I realized it was totally animate-able,” he says. “I could embroider it frame by frame and it would look mental.”

The idea sounds simple enough, but here’s the kicker: it was all done by hand. Being part of an embroidery operation, we at Stadri understand what a tall order this was, and the figures will blow your mind. Livesey and his team digitally created the individual frames of the animation, meaning that each frame was its own embroidered patch. At 16 frames per second, this 4:33 music video required 3,000 individual embroidered frames, all separate patches! Once the stitching was complete, each frame then had to be individually photographed, so the images could be edited together with animation software.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 3,000 Individually-embroidered frames
  • 3,500 Hours of embroidering
  • 250 Square meters of denim
  • 45 Million stitches
  • 40 Days of animation
  • 1800 Hours of digitizing
  • 500 Hours of capturing

The video’s theme has been described as an animated story about a band of post-Earth humans’ failed-attempt at terraforming Mars in order to save Earth.

The seven month project was funded on Kickstarter. Contributors to this awesome project were offered their very own embroidered frame from the video, among other cool things.

The three main players in this project were Brother Sewing UK, who gave gave them access to 3 industrial embroidery machines, Maderia Threads, who supplied all the thread for the project, and Wilcom Embroidery, who gave access to their embroidery software. We at Stadri only wish we had known about this project before it was completed, as we would have loved to have been part of it!

Still from the video

Process of creating the frames

Private Viewing

From the private viewing, held at the Cob Gallery in Camden, London where the animators set up an impressive display of some of the amazing frames used to create the video. Throne played a live set and there were screenings of the video as well as the chance to buy a denim frame. Image courtesy blog.stylesight.com

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Handpicked: Kelli’s Kuddlers Woven Labels

Kelli's Kuddlers Woven Labels

Little is more refreshing than when someone in less-than-favorable or even dire circumstances turns his or her attention toward helping others who are worse off. This is the premise of an organization called Kelli’s Kuddlers.

Kelli’s Kuddlers provides handmade fleece blankets to World Relief to help welcome refugees into the U. S.

Founder of the organization, Lori Haney, explains: “We started doing this after my 14-year-old daughter was given one of these blankets when she was being treated for chronic Lyme Disease. It was a huge comfort for her.”

Kelli's Kuddlers Woven Labels

Little did she know how much the idea would take off. “My friend Kathy Fuhrman approached us on the idea of making blankets for others in need and also using the concept as a way for Kelli to be able to pay it forward and serve others. She is the reason we called our group Kelli’s Kuddlers.

“We have blanket parties where people come and donate the cost of a blanket and complete a blanket in a couple hours. We also have students and teams from a local college who help us make them as community service projects. It’s been amazing to see our idea coming to fruition and making a difference in people’s lives.

“The labels are sewn onto each blanket by hand so the people receiving them will know we made them and care about them. We are excited to share that we have now delivered 158 blankets to World Relief refugees and have had 196 volunteers.”

These blankets look super soft and comforting, and Stadri is proud to have been a part of this organization.

Kelli's Kuddlers Woven Labels

Here’s a woven label design tip: As you can see from the images above, the majority of Kelli’s Kuddlers blankets are full of vibrant color. Choosing a simple label that was light in color was a smart choice here. It’s a good idea to always consider your label’s application, and avoid treating your label’s design as an independent entity.

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Rock Stars Agree: Embroidered Patches Add Massive Value To Garments

After only two weeks, Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” South American tour got off to a rocky start, and we’re not talking about the music.  First, the singer fell ill and had to cancel his first show in over 30 years. He came back and gave one of his most explosive shows to date. But then, after the third show went off without a hitch, things took a turn for the worst when in Brazil his drummer Glen Sobel’s vest was stolen, right after the band had completed a sound check.

“But it’s just a vest—why can’t he simply buy another one? Even if it’s expensive, he’s rich,” you may say. Well, this vest was not expensive—it was priceless. What made it that way? You guessed it: his custom-made vest was adorned with custom embroidered patches.

Alice Cooper Vest Patches

Alice Cooper had custom embroidered patches made for himself and his crew specially for his “No More Mr. Nice Guy” tour, as you can see from the image to the left. It is a large back patch with a skull in the center and attached rockers identifying it as Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” tour. Not only that, but the front and back of the vest are apparently decked-out with other embroidered patches the drummer has collected over time.

The crew considered this vest to be one of the more special vests, since it was one of only five that contained an identifying custom back patch. On top of that, the band wore these vests on-stage during shows, and according to Alice Cooper’s personal assistant, each of the back patches was unique.

The singer has offered a reward for the vest’s return. Alice Cooper’s personal assistant KC has issued the following statement: “If you see anyone wearing or trying to sell a vest similar to this . . . Alice is offering a great reward to the honest person who returns it, no questions asked.”

This is just one of many examples of the kind of value embroidered patches can add, especially when they are custom made for a specific organization or group. Bands and musicians usually have patches made either for the band members or crew, or to sell to fans as tour merchandise. Some bands have even included custom embroidered patches in special edition versions of an album, with a limited number being available. These patches go on to be valuable collector’s items.

Stadri has supplied many band and musician patches over the years. Just to name a few:  Gwar, AC/DC, Cannibal Corpse, Dropkick Murphy, Phish, Ashanti, Sum 41, and Fall Out Boys, and many more.

Do you have any band patches in your personal collection? Let us know. We’d love to check them out and see how you use them!


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Customer Highlight: MuttKnee Brace Woven Patches

The MuttKnee Brace got started by Daryllanne Franks about twelve years ago, out of necessity to help her dog Muttley, who had injured her knee running around on the snow and ice. As a result of this injury, Muttley could barely walk, and the cost of the surgery suggested by the vet was beyond Daryllanne’s budget.

dog wearing muttknee braceKnowing she had to help her poor dog any way she could, she and her husband decided to design their own brace for Muttley, basing the design on supportive braces for human knees.

After a couple of months of wearing the brace, Muttley was able to support her weight once again on the injured leg, and before long, she began running as if she had never been injured. This inspired Daryllanne and her husband to produce these braces for other injured dogs in circumstances where surgery is not a feasible option due to excessive costs or the age and health of the dog.

The design underwent many modifications and tweaks since the original. The current model is sold at muttkneebrace.com, and is custom fitted and designed, and individually sewn for each specific dog. Its primary function is to stabilize the dog’s injured knee and help to reduce the pain associated with the unstable knee joint. In short, it allows a dog to walk on all four legs again.

Since its inception, MuttKnee Brace has helped almost 5,000 dogs of all sizes—from 3.5 to 230 pounds—in 40 countries, and has grown from one seamstress to now having five local women sewing daily.

The MuttKnee Woven Patches

Muttknee Woven LabelDaryllanne says, “MuttKnee Braces have the awesome patch from Stadri attached. We needed a patch to sew on each of our MuttKnee Braces and love the quality and the pricing for the patches. I hope to be purchasing t-shirts and hats next year with our logo.”

She also says, “Our goal is to help dogs—one knee at a time—by making an affordable, supportive, and comfortable dog knee brace.”

MuttKnee Brace gives back too. For each brace purchased, the company donates five dollars to local and national animal rescue organizations.

Keep MuttKnee in mind in case of the unfortunate event your dog sustains a knee injury. Even if you can afford surgery, MuttKnee could certainly be a better alternative, depending on your dog’s specific injury.

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Do You Believe? Northern Sasquatch Research Society

It is a unique character of mankind to venture into the unknown. It also is characteristically human to cruelly ridicule those who do.
—Paul Rayno, Monsters of the Northwoods
Northern Sasquatch Research Society patch

Nothing evokes one’s imagination and fear of the North Country like the legend of Bigfoot. According to this legend, the first known sightings of Bigfoot in the Adirondacks were by the Iroquois. The first documented sighting took place in the early 1600s during the exploration of French Explorer Samuel de Champlain. Since then, over 200 sightings have been recorded.

In Washington County, 1976, a New York Police officer named Brian Gosselin experienced what has now become a legendary Bigfoot encounter. He struck up a friendship with investigator, researcher, and author Bill Brann, who went on to become the founder of the Northern Sasquatch Research Society. The sighting captured Brann’s attention, and he has been involved with researching Bigfoot ever since. Through such research, the “Northern Sasquatch Research Society” was founded. Continue reading

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The Stadri Art Department’s Favorite Patches From 2013

2013 was a great year for patches! OK, we say that every year; we’re passionate about patches. But this year is different because we’re not going to keep all our great patch designs to ourselves. Join us as each member of our Art Department shares his or her favorite patch from 2013.

“This design is based on Uncle Shucks corn maze theme. I designed this patch and it stitched pretty well for a 3-1/2″ size. I think the composition is good and the the jug shape really added something to it. What I like most about it is that it incorporates a shotgun, whiskey jug/distillery, and a man in overalls sitting on a rocking chair on his porch. What could be more Americana than that?”

Uncle Shuk's Corn Maze Patch


“The vast majority of the patches we do are clearly for specific organizations for specific purposes. Although I find this design to be interesting without knowing its meaning, Continue reading

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Customer Highlight: Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club

The Redding California, Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club is a family-oriented cycling group that includes riders of all ages and is designed to appeal to a ride range of riders, with events ranging from 26-126 miles and from flat to rolling hills to mountains. Founded in 1970, the club interacts with the public and with local government agencies to promote safe, effective cycling, improved road conditions to facilitate bicycle commuting, as well as cyclists’ rights to the use of the roads. Continue reading


Customer Highlight: Unshoes Minimalist Footwear

Unshoes with woven labelsUnshoes Minimalist Footwear creates custom minimal footwear that gives the barefoot feeling while still protecting your feet, providing a lightweight, comfortable, and durable sandal for running, backpacking, outdoor, or casual wear.

As an outdoor enthusiast living in the Southwest, Terral Fox, Founder and CEO of Unshoes, loved wearing his sport sandals on hikes and other adventures. He found, however, that there were some features he didn’t like about his favorite brand of sandals. He explains, “While they fit me well, sand would destroy the straps and they were heavier than I wanted.”

He soon began his search for the perfect sandal and discovered the world of minimal footwear. “I’ve never liked shoes, so this idea intrigued me,” he says. “Especially the light-weight factor.” Continue reading

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Hand-Picked: Mad Hatter Embroidered Patch & Lapel Pin

This edition of hand-picked was chosen by Jon from our art department. Jon chose the patch and pin set for Shamanic Harmonics, which he had the pleasure of working on. These are known around our office as the “Mad Hatter patches” for obvious reasons. How did these awesome patches come to be?

As always, it starts with artwork.

Mad Hatter Artwork For Patch

Above you can see the customer’s original artwork and our final artwork that was sent to production. The customer wanted a couple tweaks: more gears shown and more thread colors than the free ten we offer for patches. To make this design appropriate for a cut-to-shape patch, the bubbles had to be removed and the design had to be simplified. Continue reading

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