embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches

Whether you are in need of Council Strips, Lodge Flaps, Patrol Patches, patches for various BSA events such as Pinewood Derby, Klondike, NOAC, Jamboree and more, you can get them all here. And the best part? If you find a lower price at the same size, quantity and embroidery percentage, we guarantee to beat it!

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woven patches

Woven Patches

Woven Patches are ideal for designs that cannot be accurately embroidered when minute detail and very fine lettering are essential. They are more accurate and true to your original design and allow for much cleaner and smaller lettering.

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printed patches

Printed Patches

With printed Patches, the design itself is actually dyed right into the twill background, achieving photographic realism not possible with traditional embroidery. There is no limitation on colors and gradation of colors, as well as no limitation on letter size.

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Pricing for Common Patch Size Quantity Combinations
100 patches at 3" up to 99% embroidery 1.49 each
100 patches at 3" 100% embroidery 1.69 each
1000 standard size Council Strips at 100% embroidery 0.99 each
1000 standard size Lodge Flaps at 100% embroidery 0.99 each
50 Patrol Patches at 2" up to 99% embroidery 2.10 each


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embroidered boy scout patches
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