Fundraising With Custom T-Shirts and Stickers For Sherry’s Angels

Stadri Emblems is sponsoring Sherry’s Angels, who is participating in a local multiple sclerosis walk. Sherry and her angels are close to reaching their fundraising goal but not quite over the line yet. In an effort to put them over the goal line (and go for the extra point) one of our overly talented artists has designed a t-shirt and commemorative sticker:

Angel design on Stadri Emblems MS shirts for Sherry’s Angels
MS fundraising sticker
by Stadri Emblems


To get your t-shirt and/or sticker:

Go to Sherry’s Angels page.
Click the Donate to Sherry’s Angels! button.
Select the amount you’d like to donate.
In the ‘Personal Note’ section write your t-shirt size or sticker request.
We’ll ship a shirt and/or sticker to you.


Message us on Facebook or Twitter and we can make alternate arrangements.

Easy right?

We have a limited run of t-shirts so they are first come, first served. We’ll do our absolute best in granting your size request. While there is no minimum donation to receive a t-shirt, we are expecting them to aid in raising funds.  The team at Stadri Emblems appreciates your support!

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4 Responses to Fundraising With Custom T-Shirts and Stickers For Sherry’s Angels

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  3. What a terrific post on fundraising ms! I honesty enjoyed reading it, and my own site is about Easy Fund Raising Ideas so I’m not just saying so lightly. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. I love custom shirts. The facility to create your own shirts make it possible to get exactly what you want to wear. Its a lot of fun to get your favorite text/design printed on your favorite color t shirt.

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