Solutions For Extremely Detailed Designs

Has this ever happened to you?

You have a super awesome piece of artwork that will be prefect for your patch design, and you just can’t wait to get your patches made so you can show them off. But then you are told that your design is too intricate and detailed to accurately translate into thread. Do not dismay! You have options.

First, you can allow one of our embroidery artists to alter your design by removing some detail and increasing the size of the text. But this may not appeal to you, especially if you've already paid a graphic artist a lot of money for the design before you brought it to us.

If altering the design does not appeal to you, you may choose to increase the overall size of your patch. The larger the patch, the more detail can be achieved. However, this will also increase the price. Some customers have a fixed budget and/or a specific size requirement. Fortunately for them, there is still another option.

You can change the production process to a woven patch or a printed patch. These will allow for significant amounts of detail at small sizes and will only create minimal alterations in pricing, unlike size changes.

Woven Patches: two distinct sets of threads are interlaced to form a fabric that depicts your design. Woven patches are a great way to achieve photographic realism. Human faces, landscapes, motorcycles, and gradients and blends can be reproduced on smaller-sized woven patches in a way that is only possible on much larger embroidered patches. You don’t have to worry about the percentage of embroidery with woven patches. All of the threads are woven together, not sewn onto a twill canvas like embroidered patches.

Printed Patches: or “dye sublimated” patches, start with a blank piece of twill canvas, and the design is printed right onto the fabric itself. This keeps the original design intact. The only potential downside is that some individuals do not like the flatness and perceived one-dimensionality of these patches. The only part of the patch that is embroidered is the border. However, if preserving the design without increasing the size of the patch is the most important factor to you, then a printed patch is the way to go.