Stock: For custom decals you may choose from white vinyl, yellow vinyl, or a transparent stock for inside window use (with adhesive on the face)

Shape: The price list is based on decals that are square or circular. Special die-cut shapes are available at a one-time die charge of $150. There is no die charge for repeat orders.

Design: There is no art charge for custom decals.

Size: The pricing size for your custom decal is determined by the square inch. To compute the square inches of your decal, multiply the height by the width. (Height x Width = Square inch) - (ex. 3 x 3 = 9 square inches )

Delivery: Your Decal/ Bumper Sticker will be shipped within 5 weeks from receipt of order or approval of artwork.


5 or fewer square inchesQUANTITY
one color$1.76$1.03$0.61$0.38$0.28$0.19$0.13
each add. color$0.60$0.34$0.20$0.11$0.08$0.06$0.03
6 to 9 square inchesQUANTITY
one color$2.00$1.20$0.69$0.44$0.34$0.24$0.16
each add. color$0.78$0.41$0.23$0.14$0.10$0.06$0.03
10 to 16 square inchesQUANTITY
one color$5.20$2.37$1.32$0.80$0.51$0.42$0.30$0.22
ea. add. color$2.15$0.94$0.54$0.29$0.16$0.11$0.07$0.04
17 to 27 square inchesQUANTITY
one color$5.70$2.64$1.57$0.99$0.70$0.58$0.46$0.35
ea. add. color$2.45$1.12$0.59$0.32$0.18$0.13$0.09$0.05