Handpicked: Kelli's Kuddlers Woven Labels

Kelli's Kuddlers Woven Labels

Little is more refreshing than when someone in less-than-favorable or even dire circumstances turns his or her attention toward helping others who are worse off. This is the premise of an organization called Kelli's Kuddlers. Kelli's Kuddlers provides handmade fleece blankets to World Relief to help welcome refugees into the U. S. Founder ...

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Rock Stars Agree: Embroidered Patches Add Massive Value To Garments

Alice Cooper Vest Patches

After only two weeks, Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” South American tour got off to a rocky start, and we’re not talking about the music. First, the singer fell ill and had to cancel his first show in over 30 years. He came back and gave one of his most explosive ...

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Do You Believe? Northern Sasquatch Research Society

It is a unique character of mankind to venture into the unknown. It also is characteristically human to cruelly ridicule those who do.

—Paul Rayno, Monsters of the Northwoods

Northern Sasquatch Research Society patch

Nothing evokes one’s imagination and fear of the North Country like the legend of Bigfoot. According to this legend, the first known sightings of Bigfoot ...

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The Stadri Art Department's Favorite Patches From 2013

2013 was a great year for patches! OK, we say that every year; we're passionate about patches. But this year is different because we're not going to keep all our great patch designs to ourselves. Join us as each member of our Art Department shares his or her favorite patch from 2013.

Scott "This design is based on Uncle Shucks corn maze theme. I designed this patch and it stitched pretty well for a 3-1/2" size. I think the composition is good and the the jug shape really added something to it. What I like most about it is that it incorporates a shotgun, whiskey jug/distillery, and a man in overalls sitting on a rocking chair on his porch. What could be more Americana than that?" Uncle Shuk's Corn Maze Patch
Risa "The vast majority of the patches we do are clearly for specific organizations for specific purposes. Although I find this design to be interesting without knowing its meaning, ...

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Customer Highlight: Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club

The Redding California, Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club is a family-oriented cycling group that includes riders of all ages and is designed to appeal to a ride range of riders, with events ranging from 26-126 miles and from flat to rolling hills to mountains. Founded in 1970, the club interacts with the public and with local government agencies to promote safe, effective cycling, improved road conditions to facilitate bicycle commuting, as well as cyclists’ rights to the use of the roads. ...

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Customer Highlight: Unshoes Minimalist Footwear

Unshoes with woven labelsUnshoes Minimalist Footwear creates custom minimal footwear that gives the barefoot feeling while still protecting your feet, providing a lightweight, comfortable, and durable sandal for running, backpacking, outdoor, or casual wear.

As an outdoor enthusiast living in the Southwest, Terral Fox, Founder and CEO of Unshoes, loved wearing his sport sandals on hikes and other ...

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Hand-Picked: Mad Hatter Embroidered Patch & Lapel Pin

This edition of hand-picked was chosen by Jon from our art department. Jon chose the patch and pin set for Shamanic Harmonics, which he had the pleasure of working on. These are known around our office as the “Mad Hatter patches” for obvious reasons. How did these awesome patches come to be?

As always, it starts with artwork.

Mad Hatter Artwork For Patch

Above you can see the customer's original artwork and our final artwork that was sent to production. The customer wanted a couple tweaks: more gears shown and more thread colors than the free ten we offer for patches. To make this design appropriate for a cut-to-shape patch, the bubbles had to be removed and the design had to be simplified. ...

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Individuality in a Common Theme: 10 Unusual Skull Patches

From eagles to engines, to flags and flames, designs for motorcycle patches are some of the most interesting we see here at Stadri Emblems. But which theme is the most common of all?

About one in every four biker/motorcycle patches we do here at Stadri contains a skull or a skeleton. Whether the skull ...

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Meet Wally, Mascot To The Woapink Lodges

Eally Event Patches

Over the past few years, various patch orders have been popping up at Stadri Emblems, all containing a mysterious opossum, arrayed in different themes and dress. He quickly became a curiosity to many of the staff, so we set out to learn more about this mysterious creature. It turns out his name is Wally and ...

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“Artist Has Freedom!” A Patch Design Saga

“Artist has freedom here!" the customer says. "Center logo [should be] just a guy hiking, with mountains, trees, and sun in the background."

Could there be any words more beautiful to a Stadri Artist? After all, no restrictions or rules. No editing of other artwork. Just a blank slate to create the artist’s vision ...

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