Artist Interview: George Coghill of Monsterologist

George Coghill has turned his passion for drawing, and monsters, into a successful business making patches, pins, and shirts. Stadri Emblems has been helping George produce his amazing patches that his fans love. George has also run several successful Kickstarter campaigns to fund his sets of patches based on Monsters, Cryptids and beasts. From the Alien Airforce to the Kraken Dive Team, George has created many wonderful and charming designs with a consistent theme.

Monsterologist Logo

Where did you first get the idea to make monster themed patches?

Bigfoot Patrol Patch by George Coghill

I was working on a "daily drawing" exercise where I worked on one drawing per day, and shared it online. At some point, I revised my childhood fascination with monsters, creatures and cryptids and ended up with a "Bigfoot Patrol" patch design.
That led to launching a Kickstarter campaign to get actual patches made of the artwork, and from there I've just been expanding the line up.
Check out the Bigfoot Patrol Patch on

It’s easy to tell what your inspirations are by looking at your work – you’re clearly a monster fan. Do you have an all-time favorite creature?

Tough to pick just one. I'm a big skull and skeleton nerd. Does that count as a monster? I guess Frankenstein would be my favorite "classic" monster.

Can you tell us about your design process?

Wolfman Sketch by George Coghill

Everything starts out as a sketch, usually after a lot of brainstorming by doodles and by long bicycle rides. The sketch gets cleaned up in the computer using graphics software, and then the final artwork is made into actual patches by Stadri.

George also posts sketches on his blog

We see that you’ve had huge success with Kickstarter! Do you have any advice for people who want to do their own campaigns for custom patches?

Yes: shipping is more expensive than you think! Also, keep your rewards simple so they are easier to pack and ship. For your first campaign, aim low and just look to get some experience.

Monsterologist kickstarter screenshot

When you’re not designing awesome patches, what do you like to do?

Ride my bicycle, play guitar, and read. But mostly I'm drawing stuff.

What made you choose Stadri?

Monsterologist Black Magic Patch

After researching and contacting many patch manufacturers, Stadri stood out with fair pricing, responsive customer support, and easy to reference online pricing. The quality of the sample patches was of course a big factor too.

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Where can people follow you online?

Monsterologist Ghost Guard

You can check out all my patches and other artwork at my website, and follow me on social media at: Instagram

We want to thank George for taking the time to give us this interview. Make sure to follow him for more amazing artwork and patch designs. If you want to start creating your own patches, take a look at our Guide to Creating Your First Patch for tons of useful information. You can also request a free quote on our site to get started!