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How to Crowdfund Your Pins or Patches

Crowdfunding is a great way to fund projects that have a significant up-front cost. Many independent artists have used crowdfunding to generate the funds for their pins and patches. It may seem intimidating to start a campaign, but it doesn’t need to be. As long as you are prepared, it can be a great experience.

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Guide to Creating Your First Enamel Pin

Recently, pins have gained massive popularity. Not only do they continue to be used in a business setting, but they have also expanded into the world of artists and designers. Now more than ever, artists are turning their designs into pins and patches. If you need pins for an organization, or you want to turn your original design into a pin, this guide will get you started!

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Choosing the Right Design For Your Promotional Products: A Case Study

Instantly recognizable to all who see it, designers have been creating emblems and logos for years and even those with a limited fashion knowledge can differentiate between the main brands. Establishing a logo is a key part of a business’ development but not all brands are able to project the prestige which they desire. So what is the secret?

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Use Woven Labels To Brand Your Handbags and Purses

>Because ARTacles bags are often bursting with vivid colors and elaborate patterns, designing a very simple, minimalist woven label for these bags was a very smart move. Sometimes less is more, and in this case, a simple, solid-colored woven label stands out more on these bags than a multi-colored, detailed label would.

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