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14 Camping-Themed Boy Scout Patches to Inspire Your Next Camporee Patch

With summer just around the corner, we are designing and producing many new camping and outdoors themed patches for the Boy Scouts of America. For many, Summer evokes images of camp fires, s'mores, hiking in forests, swimming in lakes, spotting wildlife, and star-gazing into the night. We know that many scouting troops look forward to experiencing these outdoor adventures, and receiving an amazing patch to commemorate the experience.

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Meet Wally, Mascot To The Woapink Lodges

Over the past few years, various patch orders have been popping up at Stadri, all containing a mysterious opossum, arrayed in different themes and dress. He quickly became a curiosity to many of the staff, so we set out to learn more about this mysterious creature.

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A Brief Summary of Patrol Patches

A subgroup to a Boy Scout troops larger whole, Boy Scout patrols have been part of scouting since its inception. Playing an important roll in boosting spirit while giving opportunities for leadership, skill development, and advancement, patrol patches often celebrate unique activities and are embroidered with some fantastic art that fits within its small space.

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The Catskill Aqueduct Trek

The Catskill Aqueduct is a series of rivers and underground pipes that connects the city with 40% of its water supply. Completed in 1911, engineer Sidney Clapp noticed many young boys playing around the dangerous work site and sought a way to organize them while teaching important skills and life lessons on their journey to manhood. The desires to organize led him to forming one of the first Boy Scout Troops in the country.

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