One More Reason You Should Attend NOAC in 2012

Update from after NOAC

Stadri's NOAC Booth

We never expected the reaction we received. People were coming to our booth in droves; at one point they were lined up for several dozen feet waiting for their patches! As a result, both our Autumn Sunset and our Spring Moon pocket flap sets are sold out and/or have been given away. But don't fret! We're going to make 500 more of each for you! While they won't be ready in time for NOAC (we may be a top-of-the-line custom patch company, but we can't work miracles!) We will make them available on our website FOR $10 per set starting September 1. (A set means either the Autumn Sunset theme with top and bottom, or the Spring Moon theme with top and bottom).

Beginning of original post:

Are you attending NOAC this year? If you’re currently a Scout, this is the time! 2012 hosts the first NOAC in three years, and in order to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, the next NOAC will not take place for another three years. Don’t miss your chance! This year’s NOAC promises the opportunity to learn about the latest in the Order, leadership, and high adventure, watch the best shows in Scouting, and meet Arrowmen from around the world. Likely, you know all this. Here’s what you don’t know.

Stadri will be attending NOAC this year. “What’s so special about this?” you may ask. “Stadri attends most NOAC and BSA events.” How will our attendance enrich yours? Just wait until you see the goodies we’re making available to you this year. The amount of awesome swag we’re giving out this time is unprecedented!

First we’ll give you a sneak peek at what will be available at the trading post.

Items for sale at the trading post

Clockwise from top left: Dog tag and key chain sold together, containing this year’s NOAC slogan, “United We Leave a Legacy.” $2.00 - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

REFLECTIVE LANYARDS: Red or blue reflective lanyards: $2.00 each - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

SILICONE BRACELETS: Red, white, and blue silicone bracelets. $1.00 each - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

BUTTONS: Two inch, full color, “End of the Trail” themed button. $1.00 each - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Pocket Flap Set

These stunning “End of the Trail” themed patches have a printed satin background with all black areas embroidered. The top patch contains an attached antique gold metal rivet of the universal emblem. The phrase “NOAC 2012” reads very subtly in the sky. The bottom patch contains an attached diestruck, antique gold NOAC coin with this year’s slogan, “United We Leave a Legacy.” Only 500 pieces of this set were ever and will ever be made. Of these 500, only 490 are being made available for sale, rendering these patches instant collectors’ items in commemoration of this special event. Only $5.00 each! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Perhaps our best bargain of all is our over-sized, 13” x 10”, satin, printed patch of one of Norman Rockwell’s iconic Scouts posing in front of a billowing American flag. Only a handful of these particular patches were completed. One was presented at a BSA licensee’s dinner. One was given to Thornton Percival, the man who modeled for Norman Rockwell’s image of Scout’s Honor. And one hangs in the Stadri Emblems Art Department wing. There are a small number still available, but once they are purchased, this design will be retired. - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

But that’s not all! You didn’t think we’d come to NOAC without freebies, did you? Read on.

NOAC 2012 Buttons

Ooh, what’s in the buckets?

In the above left, you will see our embroidered American flag pins with choices of white or gold border. These come with a butterfly clutch on their backs—pin them right to your shirt during the event! While you’re pinning things, grab one of our 1.5 inch, “NOAC 2012” pins from the other bucket. - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

We’ve saved the best for last. . .

NOAC Pocket Flap Set

Stadri has created two gorgeous “End of the Trail” themed pocket flap sets—one to be sold at the trading post and depicted in the beginning of this post, and the one you see here. Meant to be a set, they feature that famous tired and defeated native in front of both an autumn sunset and a spring night's moon. Be sure to stop by both the trading post and Stadri's booth for your complete set. - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Similar to the autumn sunset patches from the beginning of the post, our spring night set has a printed satin background, while all black areas are embroidered. The top patch contains an attached antique silver universal emblem rivet. The bottom patch contains an attached diestruck, antique silver NOAC coin with this year’s slogan, “United We Leave a Legacy.” The phrase “NOAC 2012” reads very subtly on the moon. Only 1,000 pieces of this set were ever and will ever be made. Of these 1,000, only 980 are being distributed at NOAC; therefore, these patches as well will become instant collectors’ items. - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

On top of that, the patches come with a special card entitling you to 10% off your next order of any licensed BSA product.

We at Stadri hope all the scouts have as much fun as possible at this year’s NOAC. Remember to be smart and safe, especially when it comes to patch trading. Here are some tips to protect yourselves from patch theft.

See you there!