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How Custom Embroidered Biker Patches Enrich the Riding Experience

There are few finer ways to see the world than on a motorcycle; a combination of exotic locations and an exhilarating mode of transportation offers an experience that is as memorable as it is unique. Patches can offer tremendous benefits either as mementos of an experience or a way of identifying kindred spirits from across the world.

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An Accepting, Yet Highly-Organized Motorcycle Ministry

After receiving his patches, before any talk of our Customer Highlight blog series, Jim Pasinetti, Vice President of the Puyallup Nazarene Motorcycle Board, sent in the following testimonial to Stadri: "Guys, you did an amazing job on our 10 year ride patch and rocker. If you would like to use that as an example on your website you have my approval. 

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Fallen Heroes Commemorative Embroidered Patches

Our award-winning, in-house design studio is pleased to release a special edition military patch celebrating the defenders of America’s freedom. Aptly named as the Fallen Heroes Commemorative Patch, this round, twelve-inch patch features the original logos of each branch of America’s military.

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