An Accepting, Yet Highly-Organized Motorcycle Ministry

PNC Thunder is just one of the many ministries of the Puyallup Nazarene Church in Washington, which is usually the starting point of most rides. The ministry started as merely a group of riders who would meet together throughout the summer months to ride. These individuals were realizing the great opportunity they had to get in touch with other motorcycle enthusiasts. So, in the early spring of 2004, they were officially organized.  They refer to themselves as a ministry for their motorcycle enthusiasts, providing the opportunity to participate in organized rides, with one of the many benefits being fellowship with people of varied interests.

PNC Thunder ride patch

To the right is the patch PNC Thunder ordered from Stadri for the Nampa Iron Butt Ride. The Iron Butt Association is a program dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. It has over 50,000 members and hosts several long distance riding events, the most memorable being Saddle Sore and the Bun Burner. For this event, the members of PNC Thunder started riding in Puyallup, WA, and ended in Nampa, ID—a distance of over 500 miles—well worth warranting having a custom patch made in commemoration.

The PNC Thunder in the Valley Motorcycle Ministry holds extremely organized rides, even designating a "ride captain" to each group.  Among the riding captain’s responsibilities are planning where the route will be, as well as where the group will stop for gas and food, and of course, leading the pack. All riders receive instructions before taking off from the Puyallup Nazarene Church.

PNC Thunder Anniversary Patch

Although being highly organized, they are greatly accepting of all who want to ride, regardless of age, type of bike, or whether or not the riders are church attendees. The group is open to anyone who likes to ride motorcycles of any make or model and anyone who wants to enjoy the ride and fellowship. The ministry’s main objective is to create an atmosphere of fun, fellowship, and outreach.

Usually, the qualities of being highly organized and those of planning ahead go hand-in-hand. In 2013, PNC Thunder will celebrate its 10-year anniversary ride, and they’ve already designed and purchased the custom patches for it!  The round patch with attached rocker you see to your right reflects that unique event. The design is clever, with the ends of the rocker extending into the center of the patch to form the outline of the road.

Year Rocker Patches

Year rockers can be tricky—it takes the perfect amount of tweaking and an expert graphic designer to make them fit together. The curve at the top of the rocker is different from the curve at the bottom. Additionally, the bottom curve of one rocker and the top curve of another have to fit together. Stadri’s Art Department has had years of experience designing year rockers to customer’s exact specifications, so you’re in good hands with us. We keep your artwork on file for a minimum of six years, so reordering is a breeze. Oh, and did you notice how PNC Thunder already has their year rockers ordered for 2017?!

After receiving his patches, before any talk of our Customer Highlight blog series, Jim Pasinetti, Vice President of the Puyallup Nazarene Motorcycle Board, sent in the following testimonial to Stadri: "Guys, you did an amazing job on our 10 year ride patch and rocker. If you would like to use that as an example on your website you have my approval.  Thanks again; your service is excellent and the process you have in place makes it very easy to bring ideas to reality.  We definitely will be back."

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