What It's Like at the Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD

Stadri was privileged to have the opportunity of attending in 2009. We cannot believe the experience that we had. From down pours of rain, hail, fog, and temperatures that ranged from 90° down to 40°. At times we had to hold our tent flaps together during tornado strength winds!

sturgis motorcycle rally

This trip was for a total of 12 days, and was one of the toughest but most enjoyable trips our staff has ever had. We arrived in South Dakota about 8 hours behind schedule, unaware that would be the least of our problems. We adjusted to the environment and schedule; living in a camper, working from 4 pm to 2 am, and watching some of the best entertainers in the industry, the most memorable being Toby Keith, Cheech & Chong, and Aerosmith–Steven Tyler falling off the stage.

The weather was the most unpredictable of all. Torrential downpours, thunder and lightning and the infamous baseball sized hail storm that almost destroyed everything in its path. We still managed to hand out our new custom motorcycle key chain. Everyone loved the key chain and was amazed with our display of custom one of a kind patches. As some of the staff was approaching home at 2:30 in the morning – after traveling for 12 hours, a tire blew out on the New York State Thruway in the pouring rain. Thank goodness for AAA! We finally got back to New York and happy to say that we enjoyed all of the new people we met, and new customers that have joined the Stadri Emblems family.

It was wonderful to see the appreciation you had for our products. You recognized the superior quality of our embroidery and the talent of our graphic art department. Thank you for your support. For more photos from the event, go to BikerEmblems.com-Contribution by Christina Bloomer