Stadri Stats

Role at Stadri: Senior Sales Executive

Additional Details: Christina has worn many hats, starting in shipping and working her way up to General Manager. She says, "Now that I have passed the reins, I've found that being on the phone with customers has been my forte all along."

Length of Time at Company: 25 Years

Favorite Thing About Christina's Role at Stadri:

Personal Bio: Christina is sister-in-law to the owner, and has been with Stadri for over 20 years.

Interests: Period films, crochet, watercolors

Favorite Activities: traveling, cooking, spending time with her new grandson



Random Questions

What was your first job? Doing clerical work at a car dealership at the age of 14.
If you didn't work for Stadri, what would you like to be doing? I have a keen sense of design and organization and would probably be a decorator.
Name a place in the world you would like to visit more than any other. I would love to go back to Greece—my heritage—because it speaks to me.

What was the last book you read?The Hunger Games Series
Name a food that repulses you. Cabbage, corned-beef, and tofu—yuck!



Movie: The Notebook & My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Band: Bon Jovi, of course
Sports Team: Yankees
Color: Purple
Animal: My Gracie Kitty. She's a lover.
Food: Greek and Italian


This or That?

Summer or Winter? Summer—Beach
Pizza or Cheeseburgers? Both
Music or TV? TV/Movies

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