Stadri Stats

Role at Stadri: Director of Marketing/Art

Additional Details: Marisa oversees all the Marketing for the company and is also the web designer of the Stadri Emblems website.

Length of Time at Company: 12 Years

Favorite Thing About Marisa's Role at Stadri: The flexibility and variety of the job, and the opportunity to implement strategy and critical thinking.

Personal Bio: I am a nature lover, a health nut, and a music fanatic. On the weekends I volunteer at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and I'm currently writing a sci-fi novel.

Interests: Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, Geology, science, psychology, health and fitness, music and art, and all things abstract

Favorite Activities: Summer activities, hiking, running, swimming in streams, jumping off cliffs into water, escaping to California in the winter, roller coasters, tennis, growing my own food, reading non-fiction books, learning, dancing (very poorly), and hanging out with close friends.

Pets: Nothing now, but I used to have a Rainbow Boa Constrictor.


Random Questions

What was your first job? I worked at a country store dusting knickknacks, stocking shelves, and taking out the trash.
If you didn't work for Stadri, what would you like to be doing? I would move to California and live and work on a vineyard in the central valley.

Name a place in the world you would like to visit more than any other. Big Sur, California

What was the last book you read? I go through at least one non-fiction book per week, so this is too dynamic of a question for me.
Name a food that repulses you. Toss-up between olives, beets, and goat cheese.



Movie: Dancer in the Dark
TV Show: Fringe, The Office, Castle
Band: Contemporary: Muse; Classic: Queen
Album: The Resistance by Muse
Sports Team: I don't understand the appeal of watching other people play sports. I'd rather participate! 
Color: Green 
Animal: Mimic Octopus
Food: Fried sweet plantains 
Restaurant: Chipotle


This or That?

Summer or Winter? Summer! Winter is an abomination.
Tea or Coffee? Tea. Although there's nothing like iced coffee on a hot day.
Music or TV? Music! I recently got rid of my TV because I never watched it.
A quiet evening at home or a night out on the town? A night out for sure. There will be plenty of time to lie around the house when I'm old and can't move.

Meet Marisa