Meet the New Characters from BSA Licensing

Yesterday at the BSA Licensing Expo, BSA introduced its newest licensed characters available for use with Apparel, Animation, Interactive (we're assuming this means a person in a character suit), Packs and Bags, Paper Products/School Supplies, Printed Materials, Plush, and Toys and Games. According to BSA "these characters will help entertain and educate youth between the ages of four and seven in understanding character, the value of 'doing the right thing at all times,' and the importance of our natural resources." Stadri Emblems, Official BSA Licensee The characters are named "Plug" and "Axel" and we're assuming "Plug" is the techy-looking dude with the hand-held gaming device and earbuds hanging out of his pocket, while "Axel" seems steampunk, rocking the WWII flying ace getup. For more information about Plug and Axel, contact BSA Licensing at 800.323.0732 or by email at What do you think of these characters? Will they help reach a new generation of boys not already connected to BSA's programs? Your comments would be greatly appreciated!