Woven Labels and Printed Labels Aren’t Only Used For Fashion

Woven labels are often associated with fashion and clothing, but some of our customers use them in less traditional ways.

Homespin printed  label in use

Homespun Traditions Bedding & Textiles is a quaint antique store featuring a line of early style homespun bedding, including sheets, comforters, pillowcases, shower curtains, and things of that nature.

What is Homespun?

Homespun is a lightweight fabric of fine cotton yarns produced by using traditional colonial techniques of hand dying, warping, weaving, and washing.

All products offered by Homespun Traditions Bedding & Textiles use labels—provided by Stadri Emblems—containing its trademarked company name. Homespun’s goal is to achieve a professionally done look for its products and be recognized and remembered by its customers.

homespun printed labelStadri Emblems has a great product and [is] quick with printing and delivery. They help make your product look professional,” says Shelley Brewer, owner of Homespun Traditions Bedding & Textiles. “A professional label is the finishing touch.”

Their label is printed on satin, creating a soft and shiny, ultra-luxurious look and feel.

For more about Homespun visit their website.