Sustainable Resources, LTD Gives Back in a Unique Way

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish [or give him a boat] and feed him for a lifetime.

Yes, we added the part about the boat. But it conveys the basic principle behind Sustainable Resources, LTD.

Sustainable Resources is different from the majority of charities out there today. Their objective is help African people help themselves. Working primarily in Malawi and Kenya, their aim is not necessarily to provide ongoing financial support, but rather, to be a technical and educational resource and to provide start-up assistance. In conjunction with the abilities of the recipients, this sustains and benefits each industry after it has been established. Their mission statement: “Bringing the first world to the third world to enhance quality of life.”

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700" caption="Dr. Jan Snyder visits with Elizabeth in Zambia, whose life was changed by this tricycle, built by ASU Senior Biomedical Engineering Capstone students at ASU."]Sustainable Resources in action[/caption]

The members of Sustainable Resources realized that traditional charities, while noble and necessary, do not necessarily break the cycle of poverty. Not only that, with everything always being handed out to the recipients, they can inadvertently be led to believe they do not have any resources or talents of their own to overcome their circumstances, and that the best they can ever hope for is “to rely on the precarious generosity of outsiders.” This realization inspired the members of Sustainable Resources to create a partnership of sorts, with the recipients of service. The aid they provide is to those who are determined in advance to be able and willing to sustain these projects after start-up. Sustainable Resources talks to the local villagers, local officials, and headsmen to determine what projects are feasible for continued sustainability on the local level.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700" caption="Sustainable Resources delivers a wheelchair/tricycle device to a teenager in Senga Bay, Malawi in 2010."]Sustainable Resources in action[/caption]

While Sustainable Resources’ type of charity is fairly uncommon, they use their custom patches in a somewhat universal manner. Their iron-on embroidered patches identify their organization by its logo. They wear them on their shirts and give them as rewards to Africans with whom they work.

Sustainable Resources Custom Embroidered Patch“We have really treasured our Stadri patches. They make us more visible and are a wonderful, inexpensive gift for our African and American friends,” comments Clarice Snyder, Secretary/Treasurer of Sustainable Resources, LTD.

For their patch, only four thread colors were used, creating a minimalist, yet very attractive look. The use of a white merrowed border along with a white twill background further adds to the minimalist look and feel. Although white twill fabric was used for the background, the white parts of the earth are embroidered with thread, creating a raised look, giving dimension to the patch.

To learn more about Sustainable Resources or to make a tax-deductible donation, (they are (a 501-3C charity), visit their website: