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Customer Highlight: Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club

The Redding California, Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club is a family-oriented cycling group that includes riders of all ages and is designed to appeal to a ride range of riders, with events ranging from 26-126 miles and from flat to rolling hills to mountains. Founded in 1970, the club interacts with the public and with local government agencies to promote safe, effective cycling, improved road conditions to facilitate bicycle commuting, as well as cyclists’ rights to the use of the roads.

The Shasta Wheelmen Patches

The Shasta Wheelmen have been putting on Century rides for 44 years. A Century ride is a--usually official--bicycle ride or race, covering 100 miles in a twelve-hour period. Up until 2013, the Century ride event the Shasta Wheelmen held was called the “Jamboree Century,” as you can see from their woven patch.  They ordered patches from Stadri Emblems in 2007 and 2008 as rewards for completing this event.

Shasta Whellmen Woven Patch

In 2013 the Give Me Wings Super Century was established, adding 26 miles more to their longest route. Designed with the diehard biker in mind, this ride is the longest and most challenging event put on not only by the Shasta Wheelmen, but also in the entire state of California.

In 2013 the route for all riding events was adjusted to take advantage of the scenic beauty of the foothills in eastern Shasta County. An area ringed by snowcapped mountains on three sides, with lush meadows, wildflowers, farms, flowing streams, and stands of oak, pine, and cedar, these scenic views provide just the pick-me-up needed on extra-long rides.

The patch is woven rather than embroidered, a good choice for the stylized design that was chosen. With woven patches, more detail is able to be achieved with more fidelity to the original design. Text also comes out clearly in both capitalized and lowercase lettering.

A super-century ride is quite a feat. Perhaps it's an even more appropriate cause for a reward than a standard century ride? Yes, that's a hint that we want them to order patches from us for their 2014 Give Me Wings Super Century ride on May 3. We'll even give them 10% off.