Customer Highlight: Wilderness Medicine Outfitters

Wilderness medicine LogoWilderness Medicine Outfitters (WMO) has been teaching wilderness medicine for over 40 years, with their first class being held in 1967. Located in Elizabeth, Colorado, WMO’s classes focus on positive personal attention, while offering credentials recognized by state, national, and professional groups. WMO pioneered distance learning WFA classes.

WMO offers basic wilderness first aid, WFR/WEMT (Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, respectively) to the most advanced WALS (Wilderness Advanced Life Support) classes. One notable class is Leave No Trace, which focuses on low impact backcountry activity and prepares the student to teach others all the master skills. Hard and soft survival skills are taught individually and in small groups at any location.

Wilderness medicine PatchThe size of the classes is limited to 24 students, ranging from professionals or aspiring professionals in the outdoor industry, to outdoor recreationist and self-sufficiency enthusiasts. Ranging from men and women in their 20s to 70s, they are caring, educated folks who have witnessed an accident and want to be better prepared to handle the next one.

WMO uses custom embroidered patches as tools of recognition for its thousands of students, with most of them being placed on Back Country Care Givers packs and jackets.

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Wilderness medicine LogoTheir next WALS (Wilderness Advanced Life Support) class is March 21 to 25. The course has a maximum of 15 students taught by 8 to 10 specialists—four of whom are Fellows of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, utilizing 3 to 5 cadavers to teach almost every emergency procedure you might have a chance to work with. Space is still available for this class.