Throwback Thursday: Customers—Never Have So Many Been So Satisfied

All you have to do is visit Stadri’s homepage and there you will see dozens of testimonials from happy, satisfied customers. Most of these testimonials have been from the past couple years, and are a mere fraction of the praise we receive on a daily basis. Are we bragging? Not entirely. Anyone can post a few testimonials from the most recent years they’ve been in business. But how pleased were our customers from say, thirty years ago—long before the age of computers and email?

Out from the Stadri archives emerges a flyer from 1980. While the design may be crude, the testimonials about our service don’t lie. Below is the transcript.

stari retro flyer

Mrs. B.D. of Syracuse, NY writes: “The maroon and white colors are just right. I am sure we will be doing business again next year, as we are very satisfied with your service.”

Mr. C.G.F. of Meeker, CO writes: “We have received excellent reactions to this splendid piece of work.”

Mr. Tobin of Indian Springs Security, Boynton Beach, FL, who ordered 500 patches, says: “You can put me on your list of satisfied customers.”

Mr. R.F. of McElhattan, PA writes: “They really went over big! A mighty fine job.”

Mr. J.P.T. of Jefferson, MD writes, “I am writing to tell you how much we appreciate the superb job you did on the club patch. We cannot be happier with the workmanship involved.”

MR. G.D.D. of Milwaukee, WI writes: “The results were very satisfactory. Since we are so pleased with the patches, enclosed is an order for more.”

Mr. V.M. of Baldwin, NY writes: “Our organization was very pleased with our last order, so we have decided to use you once again.”

Mr. John Palumbo of Glen Cove, NY writes: “I am very pleased and satisfied with the patches; you did a very good job.

Mr. T.E.T. of Mt. Pulaski, IL writes: “We were very pleased with the patches we received. The detailed coloring on the patches was great and we would gladly recommend your work to anybody.”

Stadri has been making happy customers for the last thirty years. Our goal is to do the same for the next thirty years to come.