Do You Believe? Northern Sasquatch Research Society

It is a unique character of mankind to venture into the unknown. It also is characteristically human to cruelly ridicule those who do.
—Paul Rayno, Monsters of the Northwoods

Northern Sasquatch Research Society patch

Nothing evokes one’s imagination and fear of the North Country like the legend of Bigfoot. According to this legend, the first known sightings of Bigfoot in the Adirondacks were by the Iroquois. The first documented sighting took place in the early 1600s during the exploration of French Explorer Samuel de Champlain. Since then, over 200 sightings have been recorded.

In Washington County, 1976, a New York Police officer named Brian Gosselin experienced what has now become a legendary Bigfoot encounter. He struck up a friendship with investigator, researcher, and author Bill Brann, who went on to become the founder of the Northern Sasquatch Research Society. The sighting captured Brann’s attention, and he has been involved with researching Bigfoot ever since. Through such research, the “Northern Sasquatch Research Society” was founded.

The Northern Sasquatch Research Society was founded on the principle of discovery and preservation of the species known as Sasquatch. Members of this society hold meetings and conduct field research, sometimes traveling the country to investigate evidence related to Sasquatch sightings, with their primary focus being on the Adirondacks and Vermont.

Northern Sasquatch Research Society Tenets

BELIEF in the existence of the awe inspiring hominid creature known alternately as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

WONDER that such a magnificent and elusive creature co-exists with us humans on this planet at this time.

DISCOVERY of who or what Sasquatch is, what its purposes are, how to contact and communicate with it, and to ultimately obtain an indisputable photographic or video record of its existence.

INVESTIGATION of reported sightings of both the creature and the tracks and other spoor it has left behind and of recorded auditory phenomena associated with its presence.

EDUCATION of the general public to accept that Sasquatch exists, has remained mysterious but harmless to us, when encountered needs to be treated with respect and admiration, and then engaged with the purpose of an exchange of knowledge and understanding.

PROTECTION of the hominid creature by both encouraging the public to accept it fearlessly and also through supporting legal restrictions against hunting or trapping or otherwise harming it in the Northeast and elsewhere.

So, do you believe?

As their website says, "Truth neither depends on belief, nor upon lack of it, and that truth often comes in the guise of the strange, the improbable, and sometimes, even the unbelievable."

Stadri Emblems has done patches for numerous Bigfoot societies and organizations, with the most prominent being BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization).

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