Stadri Emblems Scouting Jeopardy! Contest

Before we dive into today's post, lets get some ‘stuff’ out of the way.

I’m a bit of a nerd – I watch Jeopardy!

Thanks, I appreciate your support. Moving on…

Tuesday was a special night of Jeopardy! It was episode number 6137 (I told you I was a nerd) and featured a category in the Jeopardy! round that was Boy Scout focused. Since Jeopardy! is so much fun that they put an exclamation point after the word, lets turn the category into a little contest:

The Game:

Below are the questions. Leave your answers in the comments section and next Friday (May 6th, 2011) we’ll randomly pick a winner (using who has correctly answered all five questions.

Tell’em what they can win, Johnny!

One random winner will receive Stadri’s limited edition embroidered/printed patch combo (its a special process) commemorating Scouting’s 100th Anniversary:

Oh, so pretty.

embroidered/printed patch measures 13.5 x 10 inches.

Fine print:

This is supposed to be fun, quick and easy. The contest isn’t approved or endorsed by anyone. Stadri is making no money off of this contest. We’ll only be able to ship within the U.S. Chance of winning depends on the number of comments or contestants. The winner will be notified via email (so be sure to fill out that field when leaving a comment) but we’ll announce it both on Twitter and Facebook once we’re able to contact the winner.

And now, the Jeopardy! round:

The theme:

A Scout is…

Each response will be one of the 12 qualities in the Boy Scout Law.

$200* Question:

Deserving of confidence; this 11-letter word is the first on the Scouts Law’s list

$400* Question:

Frugal, or a car rental company

$600* Question:

Faithful, be it to your nation or your pal

$800* Question:

This synonym for “amiable” linked with a comic book ghost

$1000* Question:

Exhibiting courage

*Not a real cash prize.

Post-Contest Update

A big thanks to all of those that participated, retweeted, blogged and otherwise spread the word out about Stadri Emblems Jeopardy! Contest. Your help made the contest a smashing success!

Hopefully the Boy Scout Handbook wasn’t needed to play the challenge but here are the answers before we announce the winner:

$200 Question:

Deserving of confidence; this 11-letter word is the first on the Scouts Law list
Answer: Trustworthy

$400 Question:

Frugal, or a car rental company
Answer: Thrifty

$600 Question:

Faithful, be it to your nation or your pal
Answer: Loyal

$800 Question:

This synonym for “amiable” linked with a comic book ghost
Answer: Friendly

$1000 Question:

Exhibiting courage
Answer: Brave

The big winner is: Daniel from the Pacific Rivers District!


As a bonus, Daniel was kind enough to answer a few questions:

Stadri: What is your involvement with the Boy Scouts currently or in the past?

Daniel: I am an Eagle and a Vigil honor arrowman. I am my District's Chairman, a Scoutmaster, a Crew Advisor, a Ship Skipper, a different Crew Committee chair, a Post Committee Chair, OA Chapter Ceremonies Advisor, Conclave Auction Advisor and Trading Post staff, Conservation committee member for two Councils and I usually help run our District's Camp-O-Ree, Spook-E-Ree, Scout-O-Rama and Honorary Awards Weekend.

Stadri: What part of Scouting do you enjoy the most? What about the least?

Daniel: Working with the kids and working with the professionals [the least- ed] - just kidding, most of them are pretty good people!

Stadri: Do you have a favorite merit badge or badge you are most proud of earning?

Daniel: Of course Eagle, and all the knots I had to be nominated for but on the sleeve of my red jacket I have my 1986 Quality Unit patch from the first year I was a Cub Scout and every year through 2010. 25 Years of Scouting, every one with a Quality Unit.

Stadri: That is very impressive! Do you collect scouting patches in the traditional sense? Any plans for your limited edition patch that you've won?

Daniel: Yes, and my short term plan is to add it to a patch display I am putting together for our Scout-O-Rama because it looks so big and impressive.

Thanks again to all of those who participated. We’re gearing up with some cool scouting promotions involving another custom embroidered patch (limited edition of course), an announcement about a history making local troop, and perhaps another contest or two. Keep checking our Scouting Blog, Facebook and Twitter to find out how you can get involved and get your own custom or Stadri designed embroidered Patches!