Stadri Ships Patches To Canada and Worldwide—Customer Reviews

Although over 95% of Stadri Emblems' customers reside within the United States, we take orders from individuals and organizations from all over the world and ship worldwide. The most common international orders are from Canada and members of the Military who are stationed overseas.

embroidered patches

The images above depict patches we did for the Carcajou Airsoft team in Quebec. These patches are somewhat special; the left one contains glow-in-the-dark thread. You can't tell from the image, but all the white thread is glow-in-the-dark. If you look at the image below, you will see three different revisions of the artwork Stadri provided, which better depict where the glow thread will be. The right patch uses metallic thread on the top and bottom banners.

stadri's artwork renditionsSo, why are we telling you about these patches in particular? Well, because we wanted to share what this customer had to say about us. Below is the email transcription.

"My experience with Stadri Emblems was incredible. During the artwork stage, I was understood by the art department and they delivered great artwork. This is how a company should be: comprehensive, patient and aware of the client's needs. I had to change the artwork many times and Stadri Emblems did it for me for no cost  and delivered far more than I expected. The price quote for the items I wanted was very reasonable. I have to say that I went shopping with other companies but Stadri Emblems was the only one that followed me from the beginning to the end of my request. I am fully satisfied with the results."

Vichathone D.

Carcajou Quebec


So, who's wondering what a real Carajou looks like? For your viewing enjoyment, just in case:


Did you figure it out yet? Carajou just means wolverine in French!



OK, on to the next review:

matching embroidered patchesYour company was a reference from a friend of mine. I am 200% satisfied from your work and the communication of the [personnel]!

I did a last minutes change [to] colors and it was done dead accurate!

Thanks to you for that great experience!

[I] will hardly recommend your company!!

Joe Bissonnette

Boisbriand, Quebec

This order gives me a good opportunity to point out the fact that Stadri allows different color renditions within the same order, which could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. This applies as long as all of the other details of the design are the same and you order at least six pieces per color rendition.