The Patches & Pins Expo in LA was a Huge Success!

Stadri Emblems recently sponsored the Patches & Pins expo in Los Angeles! We traveled all the way from Woodstock, NY to attend the event. Besides the hours of airplane travel and jet lag, we had a great time!

Outside booths at the patches & pins expo

We were happy to meet so many people that were passionate about not only collecting patches and pins, but also making them! We handed out a lot of samples, information, and gift cards to people who want to start creating their own designs. We understand that taking the first steps to creating your own patches or pins can be confusing, so we were happy to help so many people start their first order!

Patches & Pins Expo Stadri Booth

The Patches & Pins Expo took place in the Union night club. The entire building, and outside area, was packed with vendors selling all kinds of amazing patches and pins. There were over 130 vendors that came from across the country to sell to flair enthusiasts of all ages. We saw all kinds of people will pins and patches all over their denim vests, bags and hats! There was also a lot of pin trading happening between attendees. It was an amazing experience to be around so many other fellow patch and pin enthusiasts.

Patch & Pin Expo attendees with pins on their jackets

We also have a special discount to celebrate the Patches & Pins Expo! Use the code "PPEXPO" for $25 Off of your next order! We also just recently lowered the prices of our pins. If you're looking to create custom patches or pins, use the discount code to save even more. We are proud to say that we can offer the highest quality pins and also offer a low-price guarantee. We also have a complete guide to making your first embroidered patch and making your first enamel pin if you want to learn more about the processes!

Pins & Patches $25 gift card