Stadri Emblems' Favorite Patches of 2017

2017 was an exciting year for Stadri Emblems. We produced thousands of patches this past year, so we thought we would take a look back on our favorite creations of 2017. We asked the Stadri Sales representatives and well as our team of artists for the patches that they loved working on this year. Since we produced so many designs, it was difficult to narrow it down to these few!

This patch is packed with detail with a pleasing composition for this BSA patch for Troop 27. This custom artwork was created by our talented artists who used several real photos of the troop's adventures as a reference.

There are so many factors that make this patch awesome. The colors, the shape and the details make it one of the coolest patches we've seen all year! This patch is from the comic Girl Genius, you visit their online store here.

This November, we sponsored the Patches and Pins Expo in LA! We had a great time at the event. We produced a few items for sale at our booth, and this embroidered cat patch was one of them!

This woven owl patch was one of a few patches that we produced to sell at the Patches and Pins Expo in LA! this year. We think this is a great example of how much detail a woven patch can show.

We make a lot of patches for fire departments, but we enjoy this one for the dimension and stitching. This patch is from the Seattle Fire Department.

This is just a great patch! We love that the stitching creates dimension on the patch, and the texture and shading on the fur.

This patch from Woodlawn Manor is a great example of how wonderful woven patches can be! Sometimes with complex designs, it's better to opt for a woven patch instead of embroidered in order to capture more details.

We chose this patch because of the dimensional look of the tree's stitching. It's amazing how the addition of a single thread color can give a patch so much depth!

There is more than meets the eye with this patch from Aracoma Lodge. This is actually 5 different patches that fit together perfectly!

We love this cool little patch from Second Messenger Studios Make sure to visit their Etsy shop here.

This large patch has a ton of detail! Because of the larger size of this back patch, we were able to capture each individual snakes scale with thread.

This set of patches from Pacific Harbors Council looks great all together! This year, we produced several Boy Scout patch sets that fit together in a set.

We just love how this fire department patch turned out! This patch has a lot of elements in it, but the design is balanced and dynamic.

Sometimes, the designs we stitch can only be described as 'epic'! We love this monochrome battle design from the Suwannee River Council!

This awesome patch is from! Make sure to check out his online store for a huge variety of monster-themed patches that we helped produce! This patch also uses glow-in-the-dark threads!

Boy Scout patches are usually a lot of fun, and this one is no exception.

This next featured patch is actually 6-in-1! We really enjoy the realistic details on the penny, and the cleverness of the entire design.

There were so many great fire department patches this year, but this one really sets itself apart with it's appealing design.

The little details are what make this fire department patch really pop out. There is so much dimension in this patch that is created simply by adding colors for shading.

Stadri Emblems is no stranger to creating awesome dragon-themed patches. We even have an entire blog post with our all-time-favorite dragon patches!

We love the vintage-tattoo-look of this patch design from KWT Designs. The color choices give it a charming look. See more from this designer on their website.

Fire Department matches often have animal mascots, but we think this is one of the only Octopuses we've seen!

This huge back patch is really impressive! It really shows how many small details can be stitched into a larger patch. This patch is from our new line of stock patches. You can pick up this one for yourself here.

This Magic Vending Machine is just adorable! You can grab this patch at Evil Supply Co.

Miss Monster is one of our favorite customers! This patch, and the orange one next to it, and her original designs. She also creates wonderful beastly masks!

Miss Monster is one of our favorite customers! This patch, and the purple one next to it, and her original designs. She also creates wonderful beastly masks!

Spookeree Boy Scout patches are always a lot of fun to make! This one is a great example of why we love these!

This whimsical scouting patch is one of our favorites for many reasons. The unique shape, layering of different elements and bright colors make this patch so appealing.

We recently interviewed Sara Talmadge about her recent orders of custom patches. This cool Queen Bee patch is available on her site.

This Veterans Honor Guard is a great example of how a silhouette can add to a design that has a colorful background.

This Hawaiian T-shirt patch is a lot of fun. The careful and exact stitching is impressive on this busy and colorful shirt. The metallic thread was a great addition to make sure the lettering stood out.

This year, Stadri Emblems released a line of stock patches!The Battle Hardened Biker is one of our larger stock biker patches, but we also have a smaller version as well. Check out the Battle-Hardened-Biker patch set here!

This beautiful Puerto Rican rose patch shows how depth can be created when the threads are stitched in different directions.

This charming Mermaid grill patch is another cute design from Evil Supply Co.

This is another great example of how amazing large patches can be! There is so much room for small details and fine stitching. This patch is from our new line of stock patches. You can pick up this one for yourself here.

We love the addition of the purple border on this amazing lunar moth patch! The colors go wonderfully together. Visit the artist's online store

This stunning patch featuring a sunset and reflective water is from Nisqually Lodge. The metallic threads also add a nice touch.

We picked this one because of the amazing detail and variety of textures captured in the embroidery.

How can you not love such a large and detailed patch? This clever and fun patch is definitely one of our favorites from this past year.

This is one beautiful patch from the Far East Council. This elegant design really shows of how beautiful embroidery can be.

Are you ready to create a patch that will be on our list for 2018? Get a free quote from us and let us help you create amazing patches!