10 Impressive Embroidered Dragon Patches

We thought our customers would get a kick out of seeing some of our most impressive embroidered patches, categorized by theme. Hence, we're beginning a new series entitled "Top 10 Countdown." This will feature our favorite patches from the last five years, organized by theme. Like most countdowns, it will go in reverse order, with number one being our favorite.

The first theme in this new blog series is Dragons. Dragons have major spiritual significance in various religions and cultures, sometimes revered as representative of the primal forces of nature, religion, and the universe. They have thus been the inspiration for many designs.

So, without further ado, let the countdown of embroidered dragon patches commence!

#10: Greens Family Karate

Dragon Patch 10

Patch number 10 is a Karate patch for Greens Family Karate. Six inches in size, the yin yang background consists of white thread on black twill.

#9: China Post 1

Dragon Patch 9

Dragon patch number nine is a 8 x 4 inch, clean military patch on black twill. This patch has been re-ordered many times. Tip: Stadri keeps your artwork on file for five years for easy reordering!

#8: Red Dragons

Dragon Patch 8

Patch number eight is a tribal-styled patch for the Red Dragons club. Eight colors on a black twill, it is ten inches overall and clean despite the thorny detail.

#7: HAC Kenpo Karate

Dragon Patch 7

At four inches in size, this Martial Arts patch is a classic example of how Stadri can successfully embroider high amounts of detail at smaller sizes. This patch is 100% embroidered and even has shading effects in its background.

#6: Lost Dragons MC

Dragon Patch 6

A center patch for a motorcycle club, this clean and attractive ten inch patch features a dragon as well as a white tiger in stunning detail. it is die-cut and 100% embroidered.

#5: One Life To Ride

Dragon Patch 5

We know we stated this is a collection of Dragon patches from the last five years; however, we liked this patch from 2006 too much not to include it. Who can ignore a dragon that breathes blue fire?

#4: The Legend Lives On

Dragon Patch 4

OK, we're cheating again—this patch is also from 2006. Hey, 2006 was a good year for patches. Besides, the Boy Scouts' National Order of the Arrow Conference was also held in 2006, which is what this patch was made for. What makes this patch even cooler is the fact that the bottom dragon's eyes are actually blinking LED lights. Yes, you can have LED lights on your patches! Just ask about them when you call.

#3: Angry Oriental Dragon

Dragon Patch 3

This stunning patch uses thread blending effects on the fire, the text, and the dragon itself. Using all ten of the allotted free thread colors Stadri offers, it is a great example of the amount of detail that can be achieved with the full ten colors. Expertly placed threads can create a blend effect, which in turn creates the look of more colors.

#2: Drakes Riding Club

Dragon Patch 2

Is there anything cooler than a dragon playing electric guitar? No, we didn't think so either. This patch is so clean it almost looks like a drawing, which is one of the many reasons we love it . . . but it's mainly the part about the electric guitar.

Drum roll please . . .

#1: Flying Dragons

Dragon Patch 1

This is by far our favorite dragon patch. Some of us here even have overrun versions of this patch hanging by our desks. A center patch for a motorcycle group, it utilizes all ten free thread colors as well as metallic silver thread for the text. The brilliant choice of colors puts a different spin on our usual conception of a dragon. While most biker patches are greater than eight inches to accommodate their detailed designs, this patch delivers perfectly clean stitching at just eight inches.