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Stadri's Custom Patches Really Go Places!

We ship out thousands of custom patches per week. One of the most regretful things is the fact that we don't get to see where all our cool patches end up and how they're used. We never expected this totally awesome video of a Stadri patch being featured in a TV commercial.

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Space Camp Patches: Astro Camp Utah is Really Cool

Custom embroidered patches are given to students who graduate from one of the summer camps.  As the students continue to go back to the camp, the graduate level increases and a different patch is awarded. Ed Douglas, Director of Astro Camp, says he wanted to give students something unique, which would help them remember experience at summer camp as well as something that would be collectible.

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An Accepting, Yet Highly-Organized Motorcycle Ministry

After receiving his patches, before any talk of our Customer Highlight blog series, Jim Pasinetti, Vice President of the Puyallup Nazarene Motorcycle Board, sent in the following testimonial to Stadri: "Guys, you did an amazing job on our 10 year ride patch and rocker. If you would like to use that as an example on your website you have my approval. 

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